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I’m In Your Corner

Sometimes life seems to make one big circle. Some people call it karma, especially if the circle comes around and kicks you in the butt, but I am not sure karma is the right word for it. Some may say it’s a coincidence when things seem to finally meet up and form the perfect circle, but I, for one, attribute it to divine intervention. And I love when it happens. It’s the moment where two ends that have been hanging […]

I Couldn’t Have Said it Better Myself

So I won’t. Instead I will quote Beth Ann Fennelly from her book Great with Child. The book was given to me by a friend, and because it is not a fact book on pregnancy but rather a personal account of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting, it was easy to get into during those first few weeks of caring for Eleanora. Fennelly is a poet and therefore very articulate. She has a wonderful ability to say things in such a way […]

The New Camp House. The Old Camp House.

The space that a church occupies has always meant something to me. I embrace the idea that as believers it is about collective worship and where we are collected to worship matters very little, but there is still something meaningful to me about the space we inhabit as a church body. Perhaps it’s because when I was younger, my school was a part of my church, so the places where I learned and dreamt and were scolded were the same […]

Devices in the Digital Age

I have recently come to the conclusion that social media is designed to promote oneself. I mean, this is an obvious observation, but when one thinks about it, it is extremely unsettling. The self, the ego, does not need any help making itself more known. The self is made known through our language, both official and colloquial, dress, occupation, habits, music and novel choices and so much more. One reveals oneself, ones ego, through a multitude of facets in a […]

Call the Midwife

Television is a mysterious creature. It is often viewed as a vice whose sole purpose is to seek, turn to mush and destroy. Although this situation may be the case with a large percentage of the shows that are currently on the air (I won’t point any fingers….yet), there are a few shows, well really one show, that has in fact done the opposite for me. “Call the Midwife” is a gritty English drama set in the east end of […]


I made my students write a poem of self, so I figured I should join with them. Here it is! On Coming to Another Town Why does the parking seem to go in circles? Who actually shops at a Piggly Wiggly? Where can I buy a REAL chocolate shake? (Or a hard roll or a good bagel or real pizza) Wait, barbeque is a food group, not an event? Faculty and Staff, school is closed. Oh, and it is cold […]


I do not look back on my high school career with fondness because it was a great and joyful experience (although it mostly was). In fact, my high school years were filled with the same pain and frustration that fill many of our teenage years. Instead, I find myself looking back on my high school career with great admiration because my high school did school well. I find myself reaching back into my teenage school years and pulling out ideas […]

Hey, Mrs. G, wanna sponsor Model UN?…

I am sitting in the advisor’s lounge at the Model UN Conference. Why? Because I am the advisor. I have to admit, this experience is a little surreal. It seems that not too long ago I was a student at a conference very similar to this (many, in fact). I remember the long car rides listening to the chaperones talk about adult things; I remember ignoring the person beside me in the car because they were being way too loud, […]

Manicures for Americans

The name of my current nail color is Bittersweet. How ironic. Here I sit on the cusp of this once-in-a-lifetime experience that will prove to be bittersweet, and I went and painted my nails to match. How appropriate. I must state though, that my current situation has proven to be more sweet than bitter. (Although I think my nail color is the opposite mixture, being that it is a grayish-brown…) Many of you who read this may know the reason […]


The sound of the firetruck sirens grows louder as the truck sprints past my house on its way to the finish line. It does seem to mind that the sirens break through the calm and peaceful air like a lone cannon on a mountaintop. The firetruck has a goal, a mission, and its sirens are the sounds that will get it there. My house will always have the sound of a fire truck whizzing past. The sound of a dying […]

The Biggest Roof I ever Saw

I have the biggest roof of all the people I know. Sounds strange, but it’s true. My roof covers me, my husband and my dog (and not just any dog; she is a very needy, very weird, very large rescue dog) Additionally, it provides a safe haven for my sister as she prepares to get married (what a blessing to be the center of all this wedding planning, preparing, and yes all the mushy-gushiness that comes along with that). Very […]

A Little Bit of Everything

We dropped our first $800 at Home Depot a few days ago. It’s no wonder the store is able to stay in business; a new home owner needs everything, and everything is expensive. The daunting task of painting our new home looms on my horizon. Thankfully, I have a few people who are willing to come lend a hand as we prepare to get our new house all up to snuff. I have fabulous plans for lush carpets, gorgeous chandeliers […]

The Innocence of a Child

John Boyne first captured my attention by introducing me to a young boy whose father oversaw the work at Auschwitz in a novel called The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Not only did the setting of the book capture my attention, but Boyne’s unique storytelling ability grabbed me by the throat. His ability to tell a story from the innocent perspective of a child enthralled me. Maybe because I remember those moments in my own life when I realized that […]

Long Time Coming

You will have to forgive me if this post gets to be a little lengthy; I have discovered that I suddenly have something to write about. It’s funny how I can go through weeks and even months feeling not much of anything (at least anything worth expressing through prose) and then in one week I have all sorts of emotions to poor into my writing. I think this inability to write has to do with several things: 1. the uncertainty […]

This time last year….

This time last year Jon and I were searching for a church family, learning our way around Chattanooga, working around a few unpacked boxes, and missing NY (well, at least I was…) This time last year I was brand new to Chattanooga, and I was experiencing some hefty amounts of homesickness. I wanted to be as familiar with Chattanooga as I had been with my hometown in NY. I wrote lots of posts about how things were different here, how […]

“What Just Happened?…”

I can count her ribs. I can see all the bones in her butt. She walks on four spindly legs. Her gait is wobbly, and she is a little unsightly. I call her Izzy (for now). She is my new hobby. My new distraction. My new project. My new baby girl. I met Izzy yesterday at her foster home about an hour away. When we pulled in the driveway, I could tell she had pep, even with her lack […]

House Hunters

When we were living in NY, I watched this show called “House Hunters”. It was on when I was home, so it become one of the background shows of my afternoons. I would do schoolwork, or whatever else needed to be done, with this show on to protect me from the evil sounds that seem to creep up when I am by myself. The participants on the show seemed fairly normal. The host also seemed down to earth. The only […]

Because I could not stop for Death, he kindly stopped for me…

I just finished reading an excellent book, and I feel the urge to tell you about it. The Book Thief has been out for a little while, but I only just had the opportunity to surrender 8+ hours of my life to its contents. There are so many characteristics of the book that I could focus on, but to me, the best part was death personified as the narrator of the story. Zusak did a phenomenal job of giving Death […]

Soul Music

I have never really understood the true meaning of Soul Music. It could have some sort of religious connotation, but I think I caught a glimpse of the true meaning of Soul Music at the Camp House tonight….. Jon and I are here at the Camp House, as we are every Monday night, listening to Rick Rushing and his guys as they jam on their instruments. These dudes sure know how to have fun, lugging in their amps, electric guitars […]

My Classroom!

I start my new job tomorrow, but I was able to sneak in (not literally) and get a few pictures of my classroom before my students arrive. I still need to add a few of my own personal touches, but the teacher that retired left me well-equipped…so, here’s to the start of a new semester with new students in a new classroom at a new school! This is the view from the door This is the view from my desk […]


Today is my hubby’s birthday, so I thought I should send out a little birthday post in honor of his special day. Dear Jonny, You are special. More specifically, you are special to me. You are the face that I can’t get enough of, the hugs that I dream about when I am sitting, alone in my dreary office, the smile that triggers joy deep inside me, and the man that I cannot live without. You are my inspiration to […]


Preface My brain is in a multitude of different places, so this post has no cohesion; it is simply a hodge-podge of thoughts and feelings. I find updating my status on Facebook to be a tedious and tormenting task. I find that I have so much I want to tell the world, and only a minuscule status to convey it all in. I always want my status to be catchy or cute or unique in some way. I often hem […]

Orange Lessons

(I thought I should let everyone know that fall is finally here. It is the middle of November, and the weather is simply perfect. The trees are still wearing their fall colors, and the earth is not as barren as I remember it should be during this time of the year. This makes me particularly happy.) I have been dwelling on Christmas lately, not because I love the holiday, but because we need to make travel arrangements and such. Do […]


It began as what seemed like an ordinary day. There were no terrible omens to warn us of the coming danger. In fact, it was as though we were bindsided. Blindsided by what, you may be asking. The loss of our internet connection. (I am currently posting from a bench at Chattanooga State as I wait to teach my next class.) This was a tragic blow that I thought we would never recover from. Who can live without the internet […]

longing. again.

My mother-in-law posted this picture on Facebook today. I used to look at this view everyday. Oh, how I miss my old home!

Falling for Fall

My heart belongs to Autumn. Always has, always will. It began when I was little. Summer in NY was lovely, but I always held my breath for Fall. I loved watching the leaves change. I loved being able to hear them crunch under my tires as I wound up the little back road to my cute, little house. My heart would smile a little inside the first time we would go to Holy Cow and need a jacket to eat […]

And Another…

To Autumn by John Keats Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun; Conspiring with him how to load and bless With fruit the vines that round the thatch-eves run; To bend with apples the moss’d cottage-trees, And fill all fruit with ripeness to the core; To swell the gourd, and plump the hazel shells With a sweet kernel; to set budding more, And still more, later flowers for the bees, Until they think warm days […]

A Tribute to Autumn. (one of many…)

To Autumn by William Blake O Autumn, laden with fruit, and stained With the blood of the grape, pass not, but sit Beneath my shady roof; there thou mayst rest, And tune thy jolly voice to my fresh pipe, And all the daughters of the year shall dance! Sing now the lusty song of fruits and flowers. “The narrow bud opens her beauties to The sun, and love runs in her thrilling veins; Blossoms hang round the brows of Morning, […]

Prevention is the best medicine

My brain has not officially collapsed, but I feel as though it will soon enough. I should entitle this post, ” 10 Steps to Preventing a Brain Collapse”* 1. Do not attempt to be perfect in every way. (I do this often) 2. Remember that everyone makes mistakes. (I do this often too, make mistakes that is) 3. Learn something every day. If you are unsure of something then do research until you are sure. 4. Drink 2 cups of […]

The Longest Day

Today is Labor Day, and although I usually find theme related posts or events a little tacky, I thought it would be appropriate to give some sort of tribute to a group of workers in upstate New York. This particular group of people remains relatively unknown to me, seeing that I only spent about 2 months in their institution. Nevertheless, I feel as though I am indebted to each and every one of them. The teachers, administration, staff and faculty […]


These last couple of days have been jam-packed with stuff. Jonny was here visiting and classes started, which means a big change in my current pace of life. Furthermore, work has been slightly stressful, and although I will admit that I thrive on stress it is still stress and therefore takes a toll on one’s morale. This weekend was my chance to re-group so that I could attack my Tuesday classes with renewed vigor and a fresh outlook on life. […]

Roller Coaster

Teaching is like a drug. There are highs and there are lows. During the lows you work extra hard to get the high back. Or, I guess you could compare it to a roller coaster. That might be a bit more of an appropriate comparison. Regardless of what you compare teaching to it still consists of highs and lows. Sometimes I look out at my students and I wonder what their brains are thinking. I wonder what thoughts are going […]

ready, set, GO!

I wrote this on Saturday morning before I EVER taught a class on my own before…it went really well, but here are some of the thoughts that were going through my head that morning. Saturday, August 28th, 2010. 6:15 am. It’s dark outside. The parking lot lights are radiating their yellow haze through the bedroom window. There are few sounds. I can hear crickets and a few birds. These few sounds comfort me as I get ready for my day. […]

Pause. Refresh.

When I was 13 years old I started collecting Coca-Cola paraphernalia. I went to camp one year and come home with a huge, metal Coca-Cola window sign rolled up in my sleeping bag (it took me a long time to figure out how to get it home). Every time someone I know leaves the country I make them promise to bring me back a Coke bottle to add to my collection (I have over 30). Whenever it’s Christmas, or I […]


In order to combat the boredom/restlessness I have been feeling these last couple days I have taken up some old pastimes. I have been to the library at least twice this week, and have emerged with at least three books. The library is a fun place to be, I like to watch the people. The other day this little 12 year old boy was following me around the fiction section for a good 20 minutes. He was bored and I […]

The Shady Spot

Ever since we moved to Tennessee I have seen car after car tortured by the sweltering summer sun. These cars have peeling paint and melted rubber casings. They look tired, as though the sun has drained them of all their energy, shine and luster. I am not overly sentimental about my own vehicle. I have not named it, as some people often do. I always keep it washed and vacuumed, but that’s not for the car’s sake but for my […]


I currently have a 1,500 piece jigsaw puzzle covering the top of my coffee table and ottoman. I bought it the other day at Barnes and Noble when I went against my gut and bought a New York Times best seller, which failed to meet my expectations, forcing me to return the book, only to receive store credit. Since I was both leery of non-researched books and bored out of my mind, I turned to The Puzzle. What better purchase […]

Pity Party

I am having one of those days. You know, the ones where you miss everything you ever left behind and you feel as though it is your right to sit around and whine about how pathetic your life is. I really hate these kinds of days, but every now and then they rear their ugly heads. Today I miss NY. BUT I have the best husband ever. He brought me to Olive Garden in honor of New York (long story), […]

Be Still and Know

In our new apartment we have a whole room dedicated to being an office and an occasional spare bedroom. The main piece of furniture is a large desk with an oversized computer monitor and Jon’s studio rig. So, naturally one would assume that work relating to the studio, or to Jon’s new business, would be conducted in this haven of technical equipment. Wrong. Instead he plants him-rather sprawls- himself on the living room futon hunched over the coffee table staring […]


Today is one of those days that I wish was rainy and stormy so I would have a valid reason to lock myself inside with a good book. But, much to my chagrin, it is beautiful and sunny and I finished my book yesterday. So, Jon and I went to the mall. I don’t really love the mall, but Barnes and Noble and Chik-fil-A are enough to tempt me (even if I do believe that chick-fil-a is corrupting American youth […]