Hey, Mrs. G, wanna sponsor Model UN?…

I am sitting in the advisor’s lounge at the Model UN Conference. Why? Because I am the advisor. I have to admit, this experience is a little surreal. It seems that not too long ago I was a student at a conference very similar to this (many, in fact). I remember the long car rides listening to the chaperones talk about adult things; I remember ignoring the person beside me in the car because they were being way too loud, and I wanted to sleep; I remember early mornings where we loaded the van and slept most of the way to our destination; I remember being the student. In order of my memories: Boston in 4th grade: Quincy Market, U.S.S Constitution, Ms. Hardman. Washington DC in 8th grade: Korean Memorial, Holocaust Museum, Nancy Aeirstock. Gettysburg in 10th(?): Pickett’s Charge, Intercourse, PA, Mom. NYC multiple times: National History Museum, Man of La Mancha on Broadway…so many people… I remember being the student. I remember eating where I was told, following the directions of the chaperones, and wondering what the adults did while I was having a blast.

Now I am the adult.

The adult.


This seems to defy reason. You see, the problem is that I am still a kid inside. I get excited for early morning car rides, for packing my stuff for a long weekend, for being away from home, for going on an adventure. Perhaps this is why I am the advisor. Perhaps the sense of adventure that I felt as a student has not left me, thus I long to take my students on adventures that they will never forget. As I sit here, I wonder how I got to this place. I hardly know my students, and they hardly know me. I have never been to Model UN Conference before in my life; therefore, I am hardly the logical choice of chaperone for this little excursion. How is it that I am sitting here at 9:30pm after a 16 hour day waiting for my students to be done with a game of sardines? Oh right, because I remember being one of them, and someone has to make sure that they have the opportunity to make memories just as I was given the opportunity to make memories. It’s as though I am carrying on a legacy. Or maybe it’s something else. My mom used to live college life vicariously through me. Perhaps I am reliving my glory days of high school through my students. Either way, going on trips still makes me nervous with excitement.

I guess in that way I will always be a kid.

A kid.


Oh, and by the way, while the kids are having fun, the chaperones are planning lessons and grading papers…seems like we got the wrong end of that deal.

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