The sound of the firetruck sirens grows louder as the truck sprints past my house on its way to the finish line. It does seem to mind that the sirens break through the calm and peaceful air like a lone cannon on a mountaintop. The firetruck has a goal, a mission, and its sirens are the sounds that will get it there. My house will always have the sound of a fire truck whizzing past. The sound of a dying muffler, because either someone wants it to sound that way or has no money to make it sound any different, is both familiar and soothing. This sound does not break through the air with the potency of the firetruck sirens, but it does a good job of disturbing the peace. My house will always have the sound of a dying muffler thundering past. The sound of heavy, thumping bass leaking out from the underbelly of a vehicle as it saunters down our road is also a sound indicative of our home. It would not be home unless someone’s bass was seeping in under the front door of our house. Sometimes the firetruck races the train to see who can be the loudest. (They cannot actually race because the train is always moving soo ssllowly, as if it has nowhere to be anytime soon) One time, several jets (as in fighter jets from the army) sent my entire house into a frenzy as they performed a ceremony in honor of a veteran being buried in the nearby cemetery. I thought the world was coming to an end.

The only sound that I never hear is the sound of the owl. When I was young, the owl was the sound of comfort. I would hear it through the paper thin walls of my tent as we were camping. I would hear it while I lay on my front yard with a book in my hand enjoying a spring day. I would hear the owl at night while I lay in bed anxious to fall asleep. The owl would help comfort my nerves. Whenever I hear the sound of an owl I feel comforted; I feel at home; I feel as though God is trying to tell me that he knows I need a little comfort in my life. Lately I have been needing a little comfort (full time jobs require a lot of energy). I have been needing a little reminder that God cares about me.

This morning I heard an owl.

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