A Little Bit of Everything

We dropped our first $800 at Home Depot a few days ago. It’s no wonder the store is able to stay in business; a new home owner needs everything, and everything is expensive. The daunting task of painting our new home looms on my horizon. Thankfully, I have a few people who are willing to come lend a hand as we prepare to get our new house all up to snuff. I have fabulous plans for lush carpets, gorgeous chandeliers and the like.(these particular extravagances may have to come in stages based on Home Depot’s ability to dig into our pockets for necessary items) Jon has been over at the house getting it ready for me to attack with paint. I am pretty sure he is loving having all these projects to work on, and I am loving having him around to get everything ready for me.

It seems as though this whole process is kind of surreal. It’s almost as though none of this is really going to happen until I actually move all of our life into the house. Then it might seem like it is for real.

I wrote the above post a few days before we were about to move into our new home, and as I write, that transition has been made. It took a lot of work to relocate our life from a tiny apartment to a home, but it has been well worth the sweat and aching backs (painting trim requires one to hunch over in the strangest positions.) All this is behind us now, and we are preparing to host our very first Thanksgiving in our brand new home. I could not be more excited (and a little nervous/overwhelmed). I have lots to do, make and get before the big turkey day, but let’s remember that I have always loved a good challenge. =)

On a different note, our church is doing a unique service on Sunday to mark the end of the church calendar and the beginning of Advent. It is going to incorporate art, music, and readings. It is going to be a very powerful (and unique) service, which is one reason I love my church so much; it’s like they mixed tradition and uniqueness into the same building, and they did it beautifully. I have never been in a church so rooted in the older traditions of the church. Advent has always been celebrated, but never really explained or put into the forefront or worship. I am so anxious not only to see the service on Sunday come together, but to see where this season of Advent is going to take me. I have learned so much about my Savior in these last couple of weeks, and I am anxious to celebrate his coming to earth over the next several weeks.

My final thought is very disjointed from the rest of this post, but I have been reading a book on how to become a better trainer for my dog (and an overall better person), and the author of the book, Don’t Shoot the Dog, made a mention of the use of reinforces in the modern classroom. The book was written in the 1980′s, but it is still largely applicable. In a regular classroom, a student who learns (or trains) faster is rewarded by sitting idly by for weeks at a time while the rest of the class catches up. This student is therefore being taught that working ahead, being a go-getter and the like only leads to boredom. Furthermore, the slower student is taught that being slow is ok, because the kids who work faster either get more work, or they are bored. What a conundrum! It was like a breath of fresh air to realize that someone else had noticed the same inequalities in the classroom that I have been pondering for years. My big question is, if this book was written in 1980 and there was a problem then, why has that problem no been fixed? Or at least the classroom modified so that a final solution might be found? I was reminded again why I have such a hard time with public schools…and I teach in them!

This post has no cohesion….oh well, I guess that’s allowed since it’s my blog….=)

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