This time last year….

This time last year Jon and I were searching for a church family, learning our way around Chattanooga, working around a few unpacked boxes, and missing NY (well, at least I was…)

This time last year I was brand new to Chattanooga, and I was experiencing some hefty amounts of homesickness. I wanted to be as familiar with Chattanooga as I had been with my hometown in NY. I wrote lots of posts about how things were different here, how I missed home, etc. Now I can look back at those posts and at that time, and I can realize the great and glorious changes that have occurred in my life for the best.
Jon and I are at a church where we feel useful, welcome and loved. I am surrounded by a group of ladies that are sweet, genuine and a joy to be around. They have taught me to knit and to paint, but really they have taught me to be confident in the woman I am; the woman God created me to be.
I have learned the true meaning of a church family; our church family embraced us and allowed us to use our gifts and talents to serve the Lord. I have learned what it means to be a Christian and not pass judgement on those around me. I have learned that the Lord always provides and that He knows what is best.

I have also learned more about Jon than I ever thought possible. I learned a little more about his faults (but mine were even more present than his). I learned about his gifts: sound engineering, serving WELL, making tutorial DVDs =), encouraging me when I feel like I have let him down, and loving me with all his heart. I have learned that we are a unique couple that no one else could ever replicate, and although we have our moments, we are loved by God, and He has a purpose for us and our marriage.

I have learned my way around Chattanooga! I have driven ALL OVER Chattanooga and I now know where all the good thrifts stores are and how to get to some of the most obscure places. I have a hair salon that I frequent, a dentist whose office has an urban feel to it, an OBGYN and an eye glass doctor with purple hair =)…which makes me almost an official resident.

I have done my time in the local public school system, and I am searching for a way to make my career something more. I have come a long way since June of 2010. Jon and I have come a long way since June 2010. This move was the best decision we ever made, and I could not thank God enough for the people He has so strategically put into place around us. Thank you to EVERYONE who made us feel welcome and who were a part of our first year in Chattanooga.

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