“What Just Happened?…”

I can count her ribs. I can see all the bones in her butt. She walks on four spindly legs. Her gait is wobbly, and she is a little unsightly. I call her Izzy (for now). She is my new hobby. My new distraction. My new project. My new baby girl.

I met Izzy yesterday at her foster home about an hour away. When we pulled in the driveway, I could tell she had pep, even with her lack of nourishment. As we got to know each other, I realized that she was indeed a doll. Jon and I took her for a short walk, and although she walked crookedly, she kept pace, and although she was skin and bones, she had the strength to take me for a ride (thank goodness, she did not) I knew that we could provide her with a place where she could really show off her personality. Great Danes are known for being a little attention-needy. They are inside dogs that love to lie on any soft surface and sleep the day away. Great Danes may be large, but they are known for their gentle spirits. I knew that in our home she would get all the lazy time in the world and all the attention from me and Jon. It seemed like a perfect fit.

Jon and I spent about 45 minutes getting to know Izzy, and during that time it was pretty easy to see that she was a sweetheart that just needed a little love and affection from a caring set of parents. We brought her home with us the very same day. As Jon would say, “What just happened?” I do not think that either of us were really expecting to take her home the day we met her. Either that or we both knew she was coming home with us, we just did not let the other know that we knew what was going to happen….

It may not have been one of our “wisest” decision ever, but it sure is one of the most rewarding decisions in this season of our life. I can already see little nuggets of her true personality, and I can tell that she is just reveling in all the attention. My goal is to keep you all updated on our journey with Izzy via this blog. I will post pictures to let you know how her weight gain is coming along. We are excited to have her with us, and we can’t wait for you to meet her!

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