House Hunters

When we were living in NY, I watched this show called “House Hunters”. It was on when I was home, so it become one of the background shows of my afternoons. I would do schoolwork, or whatever else needed to be done, with this show on to protect me from the evil sounds that seem to creep up when I am by myself. The participants on the show seemed fairly normal. The host also seemed down to earth. The only thing that seemed a little abnormal was their ability to narrow their house search down to three options, make an offer, and then wait for the answer on their offer. All within like a week. I know that television often shrouds the truth in terms of time, but it still seemed as though people were able to make house purchases quickly. I began to think that this was how the process worked everyone. How wrong I was…

We have been searching for a house since November. We have put in three different offers on two different house, and we have walked through at least 100 homes. Yet I am still sitting in the living room of my apartment as I write this.

Why is house hunting so difficult? Sometimes I wish it were as simple as finding a secluded spot, setting up camp, and stalking a particular house until you had the perfect shot. Then, BOOM!. The house is dead and belongs to you. No. Instead, you are required to deal with people, and people are the most unreliable species in the world. People are late, people are mean, people have lives that do not revolve around you, people are selfish, stupid (sorry, it’s true though), stubborn, illogical and everything else you can think of. If I did not have to deal with people, I would probably have a house already. (That sounds really cynical…I usually do like people…just not when they are NOT helping me buy a house…)

So the moral of this story seems to be something to do with interpersonal relationships. Maybe God is trying to teach me how to deal with people a little more compassionately and not so aggressively. I think I am learning. I still harbor feelings of frustration, but I try not to let them show, and I try even harder to deal with them on my own time.

Regardless of the situation, the lesson, or the people, I really want a house…..

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