My brain is in a multitude of different places, so this post has no cohesion; it is simply a hodge-podge of thoughts and feelings.

I find updating my status on Facebook to be a tedious and tormenting task. I find that I have so much I want to tell the world, and only a minuscule status to convey it all in. I always want my status to be catchy or cute or unique in some way. I often hem and haw over just the right way to say the exact thing I am feeling. Then I get it all typed out, and I realize that no one cares. I mean, they think they care, but in reality they really do not have any deep desire to read my current mood divulged through pathetic, poetical prose.
I would much rather write an entire blog that reflects my mood whose link can then be posted as my status. That seems to make way more sense. Or maybe I just think to hard about these things.

I was reading on someone else’s Facebook status that New York has snow in its future. This makes me green with envy. It is currently very rainy and very dreary here in Chattanooga. I do not mind that the temperature is tolerable, I actually am rather enjoying that portion of the weather, but I do mind that the precipitation is the ugly stepsister of snow. Snow is pretty. It is pure, white, luscious and simply sublime. Rain is not. It is wet. It makes your hair look terrible, and it makes your shoes slosh around. You cannot turn it into a snowball, and it will NOT stay quiet; rather, it is as boisterous as it is wet…I guess you have to take the good (65) with the bad (melting like the Wicked Witch of the West).

I do have a few things to keep me going, though. I have Christmas music playing from my computer, and that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I also have peppermint double-chocolate chip cookies that are simply heavenly. Their maker deserves at least two pats on the back…oh, that’s right, I made them. =) These two things alone should give me the ability to press on through the afternoon.

On a very different note, I volunteered to cook chili for 70 people on Sunday. AH! What was I thinking! I wanted to feel like an important member of the church where Jon is serving, so I asked the pastor’s wife what I could do to help. She suggested that I cook. Mind you, I am not a very talented cook, but it sounded like a challenge, and I am not one to back away from a good challenge. I have been researching recipes, purchasing supplies, and strategically planning how to use all my pots efficiently. Just thinking about it makes the wheels in my brain turn, and that feeling is almost as good as getting high (my knowledge on the feeling of getting high is based solely on conjecture). The more I think about it, the more excited I get about the whole deal. I hope that this becomes a more regular way for me to serve our new community.

Oh, 11:11 I love you Jon. (thanks Nana and Popop)

I really need to go grade papers…..It should be a priority…Yet, here I am blabbing away…

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