It began as what seemed like an ordinary day. There were no terrible omens to warn us of the coming danger. In fact, it was as though we were bindsided. Blindsided by what, you may be asking. The loss of our internet connection. (I am currently posting from a bench at Chattanooga State as I wait to teach my next class.)
This was a tragic blow that I thought we would never recover from. Who can live without the internet these days? The internet is our connection to the world outside of our own. It makes us feel connected, important, heard and even understood. We are able to maintain friendships that are thousands of miles away and get directions to those far away places. The convenience and necessity of having the internet in our homes and at our fingertips is so ingrained in us that we cannot escape it.
Or so I thought.
Then one day, our internet connection disappeared. From under a rock somewhere our lives came bursting forth. Jon and I are now living in the same house in the same universe instead of parallel universes that converged for a short hello and a quick dinner. Instead of wasting time surfing the web and stalking people on Facebook, we linger at the table and talk about our day. I clean the house or make cookies or plan for my next class. It is freedom. I am able to access the internet when I need to, but I am rid of its death grip on my free time.
This may sound dramatic, but it’s the truth. I cannot tell a lie (even if this is my blog).
I even got rid of my Facebook account. (gasp!) So how you found this and are currently reading this is beyond me. Maybe you are not. Maybe my thoughts are floating around cyber space without a place to land. That makes me sad. I would rather think that someone out there is reading this and and has been inspired to free themselves from The Internet.

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