Roller Coaster

Teaching is like a drug. There are highs and there are lows. During the lows you work extra hard to get the high back. Or, I guess you could compare it to a roller coaster. That might be a bit more of an appropriate comparison. Regardless of what you compare teaching to it still consists of highs and lows.

Sometimes I look out at my students and I wonder what their brains are thinking. I wonder what thoughts are going through their heads, and it makes me wish I could read their minds so that I would know exactly what they need. I can see their eyes staring at me, and I can watch their writing utensils scratch something on a page, but I wonder if they are really getting it.

Regardless of whether or not they are absorbing the material, I sure do have a blast standing in the front of that classroom doing my “teacher jig.” The teacher jig consists of a series of hand motions, voice influxes, and serious pacing. I cannot stand still while relaying information, therefore I end up doing what appears to be some primal dance up in front of my class. I enjoy seeing them paying attention as my hands race, forming some kind of new and improved sign language….You see, even though I am not necessarily Italian, I sure talk like one.

My first week of teaching is under my belt and although I don’t think I am the revolutionary teacher I always dreamed of being, I do think my students will succeed. I fully intend to glean as much as possible from this first year of teaching. I think I will end up learning more than my students will!

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