Prevention is the best medicine

My brain has not officially collapsed, but I feel as though it will soon enough. I should entitle this post, ” 10 Steps to Preventing a Brain Collapse”*

1. Do not attempt to be perfect in every way. (I do this often)
2. Remember that everyone makes mistakes. (I do this often too, make mistakes that is)
3. Learn something every day. If you are unsure of something then do research until you are sure.
4. Drink 2 cups of coffee a day.
5. Be organized. Organization is my lifeline for preventing brain collapses.
6. Do not go back on your word. Stand FIRM, no matter how much you want to change your mind. Fluctuation is the surest sign of weakness. (that one is for the classroom…I am not sure that applies to everyday life)
7. Pray. Often.
8. Always move forward. Moving backward is negative in every possible way.
9. Learn something every day (did I say that already?…)
10. Eat, sleep, and be married.

* These steps are in no way a guarantee to avoiding the unavoidable moments when all of life lands on you at the same time, and no matter what precautions you have taken, your brain collapses anyway.

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