The Shady Spot

Ever since we moved to Tennessee I have seen car after car tortured by the sweltering summer sun. These cars have peeling paint and melted rubber casings. They look tired, as though the sun has drained them of all their energy, shine and luster. I am not overly sentimental about my own vehicle. I have not named it, as some people often do. I always keep it washed and vacuumed, but that’s not for the car’s sake but for my own sanity. I appreciate my car and I try to change the oil on time so that it will last as long as possible. The only thing I am truly concerned about is the sun depriving it of it’s glory. I don’t want it to look sad and dull. Is that lame? Probably. But it’s such a pretty shade of blue…

The preservation of this lovely shade of blue has turned me into a perpetual shade seeker. It does not matter where I am, if I am going to park my car, then I need to find a shady spot. Finding a shady spot ensures that the paint will last a little longer and the air conditioning MIGHT work for the first 10 minutes of the car ride home instead of the usual 5. If I go to the mall or the grocery store I will subject myself to a long walk across the roasting asphalt to the front door if it ensures that the car is parked under one of those pathetic parking lot trees whose sole reason for existence is to make people like me feel a little better about leaving their car exposed to 100 degree sun and 115 degree blacktop (okay, so I made that up…I have no idea how hot blacktop gets). (oh, and at the grocery store there is this one spot that has shade all afternoon, the only downfall is a little sign that says: Beware of stray golf balls. Park at Own Risk…so I do)

I am usually VERY successful at finding The Shady Spot. The only time that I must succumb to the summer sun is when I am parking the car in front of the apartment; this happens everyday. You can only imagine my frustration at not being able to leave my car under the shady canopy of a tree while simultaneously being near my apartment. I thought about buying a portable umbrella to put up over the car when it was parked out front….well, not really, that would pretty funky. Jon made fun of me one day when I asked him to park four buildings down because they have a tree out front. He refused.

Then, just the other day, I discovered gold. Well, not real gold, it was in the form of a big oak tree in the back parking lot of the apartment. The lot only serves one building, so it is fairly vacant, and no one seems too concerned with keeping their car out of the sun’s rays so I have adopted a parking spot right under this big tree that shades my car for, get this, 85% of the day. 85%!! That’s awesome. I was so excited. The only downfall is that there is no walkway from the parking lot to the back door of the building so we have to go down this little sloping hill to get to the car; the other day I broke my shoes on my way down….

3 Responses to The Shady Spot

  1. Rachel B. says:

    So awesome. This really made me laugh. My family has a random saying, “Park in the shade, Bill” that is just a silly thing we tease my dad with because he’s also a shade seeker (but his name isn’t Bill, so I’m not really sure why we say that).

    Sorry about your shoes!

    • JessicaGinese says:

      fear not! I put my shoes back together with Krazy glue =) (although I have yet to wear them, so I might still be out a pair of shoes)