In order to combat the boredom/restlessness I have been feeling these last couple days I have taken up some old pastimes. I have been to the library at least twice this week, and have emerged with at least three books. The library is a fun place to be, I like to watch the people. The other day this little 12 year old boy was following me around the fiction section for a good 20 minutes. He was bored and I was glad he chose to amuse himself in the library. He asked me what kind of books I like to read and I was then able to suggest some titles to him. He was sweet and it made me feel kinda warm and fuzzy inside that he wanted to talk to me about books. But, I am getting off topic…Before we moved I strategically packed my scrapbooking supplies so that they would not get all discombobulated during the trip. I only recently unpacked them to see how they faired, and to put them to use. I decided I would finish up making pages for all the pictures I had developed. They included pictures from our family trip to Lake Placid for Christmas and our trip to Saratoga Springs with the youth group for Excel 2010.

I was really excited about finally putting these pages down, but what I failed to consider was how they would make me feel. I was sifting through all my pictures of the teenagers that Jon and I worked with in New York and I realized that I missed them more than I ever thought possible. I miss spending my Sunday nights in the church making them turn shortening into ducks and whatnot. I miss playing the garbage can game and murder in the dark. I miss making lesson plans and plotting how I was going to make them think about Jesus, even if they didn’t really want to. I miss trying to figure out how to tell them that Jesus loves them and wants them to live for him, not just in word but also in deed. I miss walking away from church knowing that my lesson failed, but that they would forgive me and let me try again next week. I miss the times when my lesson worked and we talked about what it means to be a Christian…I miss the teens themselves. The way they would make me laugh and make me cry. The way they could make me feel totally appreciated and like a total failure; at the same time. I miss our trips, our excursions to the City and our riots around town doing treasure hunts. I miss them. To all my youth kids, YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!

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