Today is one of those days that I wish was rainy and stormy so I would have a valid reason to lock myself inside with a good book. But, much to my chagrin, it is beautiful and sunny and I finished my book yesterday.

So, Jon and I went to the mall. I don’t really love the mall, but Barnes and Noble and Chik-fil-A are enough to tempt me (even if I do believe that chick-fil-a is corrupting American youth by spelling EVERYTHING incorrectly)

We wandered around for a long while, looking in store windows and whatnot. I was in a time warp for a good hour at the Barnes and Noble buy 2 get 1 free book table…success! I got three new books! Jon got this electrical thing he needed, so I have to say it was a fairly successful waste of an afternoon. BUT the mall makes me think. Actually, it makes me over-think. I begin to see all the things that are wrong with society, and I start to get judgmental. I see young girls with shorts to short and shirts to low, and the poor boys who are with them can hardly keep their eyes focused on anything else (and then I get mad at their parents for letting them out of the house that way)

I see parents giving into whiny kids about the cell phone they want and the clothes they can’t have. I see arrogant teenagers (who I am SURE don’t know when to use “your” and “you’re”), mothers who look like they are trying to be young again, and old couples who look lost in a world they are very unfamiliar with.

I walk past store after store that is trying to sell me, and every other deceived American, things we don’t need and never will need.

Stupid. The whole thing is stupid. I hate the mall. I hate being told what I need by having images shoved in my face. I hate wanting everything I can’t have, even though I only knew about it 10 seconds ago. It makes me selfish, self-conscious, overstimulated and very frustrated with the world. I hate who I think I need to be when I am at the mall.

I will take a rainy day on my couch in my pajamas with a good book ANY day.

Yet, I always go back. I mean, I was there today, and I knew it would irritate me. Why? I am fairly certain it has to do with my sinful nature. I don’t often blame things on my sinful nature, per se…..but in this case I believe that sometimes I simply want to have those things which the world can offer me. There is something inside of me that makes me want what I don’t have, and then it motivates me to go in search of whatever it is that I have lived 23 years without.

Grrr. Stupid sinful nature. It makes me realize how crucially important it is to fill ourselves up with things of the Spirit so there is no room for things of this world.

love.joy.peace.patience.kindness.goodness.faithfulness. gentleness.self-control.

One Response to Posh

  1. Renee says:

    I can totally relate to this post! I guess it’s part of our struggle in walking the fine line between being in but not of the world. You reminded me of this verse:

    “For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.” Phil. 1:6