People Watching

I inherited this strange trait from my father, one that forces me to remember that it’s not polite to stare…

I went to nightfall the other night, all by myself, and I thought I might be bored. I was mistaken. I soon realized the simple joy that people watching can bring. It was as though for a few moments I did not exist and the only things which were real were the people circling around me. I became a nonentity, like I was sitting on the couch watching a movie and the characters interacted around me. It was wonderful. I sat and watched.

I watched a father with thick, dark black hair and painted coveralls carry his son on his shoulders. His big shoes loafed over the pavement and his bandana hung haphazardly out of his back pocket. He was a blue collar artist, one who does not get enough credit for his work. That moment of father and son interacting seemed to tell a story of sincerity and happiness, one that I wish I could capture.

I saw a man search for his bride with purpose as he brought her treasures from across the plaza. The man took each step with care and one would think that he was old and infirm, and indeed he was old. He was not infirm; he was determined to make it across the plaza with an armful of popcorn and a drink for his wife. He was a picture of love at old age. Oh, to be old and in love!

I saw a woman going through a mid-life crisis. She had to be, based on her outfit. Shame on me, how judgmental! But what other conclusion could I come to when she was wearing a camouflage mini skirt, black go-go boots and shirt that showed her midriff, and she was 50!

I saw a father with his three little girls trailing behind him. Their tongues and lips were blue, and they were spilling popcorn into the fountain. They laughed and poked one another, not realizing that this was a time to treasure, remember and be grateful for. Not everyone can spend a Friday evening with their father and sisters eating something blue and munching on popcorn…

I saw a man who looked a little worse for the wear. He was old, and he showed it. His teeth were either a funny color, or not even there. His shoes had holes in them and his shirt was stained. He was simply passing through, taking advantage of the free flowing music. I felt a little like him. Sitting, soaking in the world, not looking for anything, not seeking anybody…simply being.

2 Responses to People Watching

  1. Barbara Fleming says:

    Did you come to any conclusions or moments of epiphany while “people watching”? This blog seems like it is missing a final statement of some sore, but I love your descriptions! I can actually picture the people you described, I especially like the man bringing his wife popcorn “treasure”!
    Keep it up, I love your blogs : )

    • JessicaGinese says:

      no epiphany. Just enjoying life and the people in life =) I wish I could say it was something more insightful than that….maybe next time =)