Converging Cumulonimbus Clouds

It was 100 degrees today.
I don’t mean to brag, but it was pretty hot.
My car was hot, the pavement was hot, the air seemed hot.
It was also sticky, really sticky, sticky enough that it reminded me of a molasses story.
Maybe I’ll tell that story sometime….

Anyway, it was gross out.
But I saw clouds. Big hudge cumulonimbus ones, you know, the ones that look like cotton candy all mounded up.
Those clouds were the sweetest sight, not because they made the air cool, but because they promised a storm.
Since I saw those clouds, I cared little for anything else; I was waiting for the rain. I watched the clouds to see if they were getting closer. I asked every person if they thought it would rain. I checked the weather to see if thunderstorms were in our future. I felt the wind; as it grew stronger my longing for that rain grew stronger. I anticipated the thunder and the lightning; I was ready to dance through the drops as soon as I saw them fall (I did that once, best dance I ever had. Also, best dancing partner ever). I was ready for rain. Why? Well, the reason is really trivial, it’s the readiness that’s important.

Rain, such a simple thing, yet it controlled a significant amount of my thoughts today. What if I longed for God as I longed for that rain? How much more fantastic would the storm be if God was in it? I am talking about anticipation, wanting God like I wanted that storm. What if I was as ready for God as I was ready for that storm? If I was as in tune with God as I was in tune with nature to realize that something was brewing on the horizon….

then I would be ready when it happened. I would be able to stand in the rain in full knowledge of the relief that I was getting. I would be able to bask in the joy that I was finally receiving what I had waited so unpatiently for. (Patience and I are trying to get along, but the treaty arrangements are really tedious. So for now, I pretend she does not exist) Waiting for God is kind of the same deal. We are told to stand in readiness…maybe God knew that if we were waiting for Him, we would feel greater satisfaction when He finally got around to being there…..

2 Responses to Converging Cumulonimbus Clouds

  1. Barbara Fleming says:

    Love your blogs!!
    Couple of spelling errors, but that’s just me ; )
    Wondering about the last line… Does God “finally get around to being there”? or is He always there and we are just not aware?
    Did it ever rain???

    Love you lots!

    • JessicaGinese says:

      of course there are spelling errors! How can I possibly think about spelling when I am on a roll! =)
      Yes, it rained…a lot =)
      And, I think he is here and he does come….He is here because he sent us the Spirit, and he does come and reveal himself more to us when we seek and find…and are aware