As with most Americans, I too love coffee. I think college did this to me. I never drank coffee during high school, and now that I am out of college, I can’t get past 11:00 AM without feeling the effects of coffee withdrawal. When I say I can’t get past 11:00 AM, I mean to say that I stagger around in a stupor until I get my coffee, which needs to be before 11, and if I don’t get that, then my brain begins to melt, and I feel like a non-functioning puddle of melted brain. (crass, I know, but you chuckled..or at least you did that half smile bit) I might be too analytical, but I think this could become a huge analogy to modern America, and especially modern Christians. Just think about it a minute; let it stew in your brain for just a second. Any thoughts? Well, let me explain a little bit of my twisted, over-thought analogy of coffee, Americans and Christians…

Americans have this tendency to be addicted to something. (remember my brain at 11:00 in the morning) So, we lean toward this tendency when we see all the stuff around us. You know it. Admit it. You fill your house, your wallet, your closet, your garage, your kitchen, your stomachs, your digital cameras….you fill it all, with stuff. It would be fair to say that Americans are addicted to a range of stuff, but you already knew that.

So, let’s focus on coffee for a just a minute; forget all the other stuff that Americans are addicted to…Just like coffee (and junk) is an addiction for Americans, so should Jesus be an addiction for Christians. We should be unable to function before a certain time in the morning unless we have had our moment to steep with God. We should be unable to keep God locked in the coffee pot when friends come to visit. Do you hoard your coffee when you have guests? Then why do Christians keep God close to their chest when people are over?

This analogy seems so base. God deserves a better analogy, but we can’t seem to handle anything more intellectual. So, there it is. I mean, let’s put this into perspective…here I am at 9:27 AM, coffee in hand…but my Bible is across the room, untouched since yesterday morning. I certainly would agree that coffee is my drug, but is God also? Sure seems like I faltered somewhere. Check back in a few weeks and I’ll tell you my progress…

Coffee is the drug of America, God is the drug of Christians….or is He?

4 Responses to Coffee

  1. Veronica says:

    I love it! So true for me as well….

    Keep writing! It makes me feel like you are just next door…or across the room :)

    Love ya,

    • JessicaGinese says:

      =) yay! glad you liked it! Thanks for the encouragement….I kinda wish I was just across the room….

  2. Great writing, I love it. Just saw Julia and Julia, what a great movie about blogging etc.