Be Still and Know

In our new apartment we have a whole room dedicated to being an office and an occasional spare bedroom. The main piece of furniture is a large desk with an oversized computer monitor and Jon’s studio rig. So, naturally one would assume that work relating to the studio, or to Jon’s new business, would be conducted in this haven of technical equipment. Wrong. Instead he plants him-rather sprawls- himself on the living room futon hunched over the coffee table staring at his laptop screen.

I could not figure out why he would not work in the office. I mean, in our old apartment there was nowhere else to go, so the living room made a natural working space. It is quite the opposite in this scenario. You must realize that I LOATH the living room being used as an office. Hence the second bedroom. I tolerated this misuse of a living room when it needed to be done, but I was at the breaking point of frustration in relation to our new living situation (although, not rightly so since I was creating tension over something so minute, but I cannot change the past, so there you have it) so I asked him: Jon, why don’t you work in the office? Surrounded by everything electronic?

His reply: Because I want to work on the couch, beside you. Then we can be together and I am not all shut up in a cubicle.

Wow. Here I am huffing and puffing about rooms being used only as their name designates them, and he is concerned about being with me. Sometimes Jon blows me away with his ability to love me so genuinely, and even after I made him feel bad enough to lug his laptop into the other room and lock himself in there for 3 hours….

I feel so cherished to know that after almost three years of marriage my husband still simply wants to be with me…..I have to make an analogy, I feel it coming on….I can’t contain it……okay, here it goes. Maybe this is the way that God feels about us? Maybe we forget and sometimes take for granted the fact that our Savior simply wants to be with us. Our culture makes us think that we need to do something in order to show love and appreciation, but in reality sometimes we just need to be in the presence of the people we love.

“…be still and know that I am God.”

One Response to Be Still and Know

  1. Rachel B. says:

    I just LOVED this!! Beautiful thought from Jon, and a really refreshing reminder about God. Thanks.